Brent Kary “Mahto Numpa”

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Brent Kary “Mahto Numpa” graduated from the University of Mary in 1997 and the University of North Dakota with his Juris Doctorate in 2008 and was a member of the ND Bar Association. Brent began playing recreational softball during college and found a passion in it. Brent played on a variety of teams, including Capso, the Blazers, Veracity Motors (where he contributed to a 2007 State Men’s Masters 35 Division III Slowpitch Championship), K&L (where he contributed to another State Championship in 2008), Capital City Construction, Dustex, Elgin-New Leipzig Softball, Thunder, and Buehler-Larson Funeral Home.  As frustrating as it was, he also enjoyed teaching and coaching his women cousins and friends on their many different teams throughout the years. Brent was an avid softball fan and never missed the United Tribes or the McQuades softball tournaments. He believed in teasing and having fun on the field and that if you weren’t having fun playing softball, you weren’t playing it right.