Tournament Guidelines

LEGENDS Softball Tournament

** For all tournament rules and regulations, please review the Tournament Rules **

  • USA Softball approved bats only
  • This tournament follows ND USA Softball playing rules
  • All players must have photo identification
  • Managers must have a copy of their team rosters with them for possible roster checks
  • No roster changes will be allowed after the start of every team’s first game.
  • Wristbands must be physically attached around the wrist and worn for the entire tournament to gain free admission to all games. Once broken the wristbands become invalid. These are not replaceable or are non-transferable
  • Full admission will be charged to anyone not wearing a wristband. This will be enforced for all players. Additional wristbands may be purchased for $15 each. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO WRISTBAND, NO FREE ADMISSION!
  • Protests: The protesting manager must notify the umpire of the protest before any pitch or play begins following the protest call. A one-hundred dollar ($100.00) cash non-refundable protest fee must be presented at that time. The UTTC Tournament Committee members along with the umpire will look up the rule allegedly broken. No games will be played under protest. No person may play with more than one team in any tournament.
  • UTTC LEGENDS Softball Tournament has a zero tolerance for any acts of intentional violence. The UTTC LEGENDS Softball Committee reserves the right to eject players, fans, umpires or anyone else that may have committed an intentional act of violence against another person and/or local law authorities may be called.