Code of Conduct

LEGENDS Softball Tournament
UTTC LEGENDS Softball Tournament follows USA Softball of North Dakota (USAND) but the UTTC LEGENDS Softball Committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding the tournament. All UTTC LEGENDS Softball Committee decisions are final.

Rosters and Eligibility

Men’s Upper

Rec 1 – C (Only classified “C” players can make up a “C” team. 3 pick-ups may be from any higher classification.)

Men’s Lower

Rec 2 and lower.
No more than three (3) Rec 1 classified players and no Class D or higher players.

Women’s Upper

Rec 1 and above.

Women’s Lower

Rec 2 and lower.
No more than three (3) Rec 1 classified players and no Class D or higher players.
No roster changes will be allowed after the start of every team’s first game.

Team Managers, Players, and Officials

Acts of Suspension or ejection. A team, team member, manager, team official, administrator, volunteer or umpire may be suspended or ejected from the tournament for one game for any of the following:

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  2. UTTC LEGENDS Softball Tournament has a zero tolerance for any acts of intentional violence. The UTTC LEGENDS Softball Committee reserves the right to eject players, fans, umpires or anyone else that may have committed an intentional act of violence against another person and/or local law authorities may be called. Physical violence, such as an attack on an umpire, tournament official or participant immediately preceding, during or following a game is strictly prohibited.
  3. Acts of violence include, but are not limited to:
    • Bullying, hazing, harassment (including sexual harassment), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, and sexual misconduct (including child sexual abuse) as defined by the USOC SafeSport program at www.
  4. Commission of fraud, such as playing under an assumed name, falsifying an affidavit or roster or giving false information to tournament officials.
  5. Violation of USAND substance abuse policies and procedures.
    • Absolutely no alcohol in or around the dugout area during gameplay.
    • Absolutely no alcohol consumption during gameplay.
    • Absolutely no tobacco use during gameplay.
  6. Anyone suspended or ejected from a game must sit out the next game or depend on the severity of the violation may be ejected from the tournament and escorted off property.


Exposed jewelry such as wristwatches, bracelets, any type of earrings, neck chains or any other item judged dangerous by the umpire, may not be worn during the game. Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry, but if worn, must be taped to the body.

NOTE: Players may be asked to remove jewelry and if they fail to do so, will be ejected from the game.

Penalty for violation of these rules – The Player may not participate unless s/he follows the above code.

Casual Profanity Rule

Casual profanity pertains to expletives “not” directed at the umpires or opposing players, but most likely at the players uttering them as a vent to frustration. This type of profanity is penalized by “OUTS” being declared against the offensive or defensive team, whichever is guilty of the violation. The above “OUTS” will be treated on a delayed, dead ball situation. Profanity directed at others, especially umpires, will still result in ejection.

If a player is called out on a bang-bang play at first and he utters a word under his breath as he runs by the umpire or curses under his breath because of his poor hit as he is thrown out at first, the CASUAL PROFANITY RULE will not be enforced. That’s because no one but the umpire, and maybe the first baseman, has heard him.

Umpires, in the pre-game conference, should warn both managers what the CASUAL PROFANITY RULE entails. Failure to do so does not preclude the penalty being enforced.

Time Limit Rule

All games are subject to a 75-minute time limit or a minimum of 4 full innings. Forfeits count as wins. Championship games in all divisions will have no time limit.

One & One Count

The tournament will be using the one and one beginning ball and strike count with no courtesy foul ball, per USAND rules.

Run Rule

USAND has adopted the national rule for all tournaments. The rule is 20 runs after three innings and 15 runs after four (4) innings and ten (10) after five (5), including championship games.

Courtesy Runner

All divisions will be allowed to use one courtesy runner per inning.


Game time is forfeit time. Teams must have nine (9) players to start a game with the 10th batter being an out.


Tournament is not liable for lost, stolen, damage to automobiles and other personal property, or injuries to players, officials or spectators as a result of tournament play.


The protesting manager must notify the umpire of the protest before any pitch or play begins following the protest call. A one-hundred dollar ($100.00) cash non-refundable protest fee must be presented at that time. The UTTC Tournament Committee members along with the umpire will look up the rule allegedly broken. No games will be played under protest.

No person may play with more than one team in any tournament.

Mandatory Bat Check

All bats that do not have an orange sticker must be checked and marked by either the ND Deputy Umpire-in-chief from your home area before coming to the tournament or by an official at the bat check station located in the Sales Shack at the Clem Kelley Complex. If your bats already have an orange sticker, they do not need to be checked. Officials will be at the station Friday through Sunday.